Apogee - A Quick and Dirty Coding Tool

Apogee is a tool for quick coding tasks, like munging data or prototyping an algorithm. You can start coding without any setup and you can work incrementally seeing your progress as you go.

It uses javascript as a programming language and runs in your browser.

Open this link to DIVE IN AND TRY IT ONLINE NOW! This is a live workspace you can edit.

What do I do with Apogee?
  • Quick and dirty calculations/computations, particularly when working with JSON or other data
  • One-off code, like processing input files
  • Converting data formats
  • Data fusion
  • Prototyping code
  • Testing and debugging of APIs
  • Hacking to learn APIs and libraries
  • Creating quick proof of concepts
  • and more! Advanced uses include web services and single page web applications.

For more information, go to the Getting Started page.


The Apogee web application runs completely in the browser and is written in javascript. The user scripting language is also javascript. Alternative implementations in other languages like Python would also work well.

Because Apogee is uses javascript, the main data format for data structures is JSON. This is a convenient because JSON is one of the most prevelent data formats, such as for metadata files and data transfer in web services.

An Electron desktop version of Apogee and the Apogee web server runtime is available. For more information on these see the associated links in the reference section.

Apogee is open source and hosted at https://github.com/sutter-dave/ApogeeJS.