Apogee Programming Tool / "Data Processor"

Apogee is an easy-to-use, reactive, Javascript programming environment based on the idea of a spreadsheet. Watch the video for an introduction.

The above video also serves as the quickstart. For more help on using Apogee, go to Getting Started.

What should I do with Apogee now?
  • Data Wrangling/Data Munging - Manipulating data, converting data format, filtering data, editing data programmatically. It is great for writing quick and dirty code you only plan on using once. It is especially good for working with JSON data, including converting to or from Spreadsheet table format or plain text.

In the future Apogee will also be able to make web services and client applications, but it needs bit of work before it gets there. The following links give more on this.


The Apogee web application runs completely in the browser and is written in javascript. The user scripting language is also javascript. Alternative implementations in other languages like Python would also work well.

Because Apogee is uses javascript, the data format for data structures is JSON. This is a convenient because JSON is one of the most prevelent data formats, such as for metadata files and data transfer in web services.

Apogee if open source and hosted at https://github.com/sutter-dave/ApogeeJS.